How WorldVue used Timebridge to consolidate all of their marketing, support and customer success scheduling on one platform.

With Riley Carrasquillio, WorldVue Program Manager

WorldVue sprang from the idea that nonprofits should be have access to the same cutting edge enterprise technologies that the savviest copanies used. Launching two years ago, WorldVue now provides tech for free to NGO's like the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America and UN Volunteers.
It’s a huge time-suck trying to get people around the world on different time zones on the same page. Timebridge gave us a scheduling tool that included every option and handles every use case, from automatic scheduling to the free conference calling feature.


With online meetings and calls being initiated around the world with attendees in multiple time zones and locations, WorldVue's small team needed to have a single system that anyone could use, that handled all of the edge cases around rescheduling and reminders, and that didn't require any admin or IT support.


WorldVue uses Timebridge to maintain an ever changing schedule of inbound phone calls inquiries, as well as demos, trainings and support. Using Timebridge's automatic scheduling, WorldVue let's organizations view a group shared calendar showing available time slots and schedule calls at a time that works for them. Timebridge then updates the calendar, reserves the time, emails confirmations and reminders as well as a custom Google Hangout link that allows everyone to meet virtually.

"We really use the full suite of Timebridge to make our lives easier and to squeeze more productivity out of our day without any hassles or headaches," Allan says. "We're a small team and don't have a lot of extra resources to waste, so having such an easy-to-use product that just works carries a lot of water with us as a team."


Thanks to the ability to allow people to auto-schedule a quick introductory call using Meet With Me, WorldVue has seen inbound inquiries jump and cut the response time before the first phone call by allowing nonprofits to simply schedule a meeting directly.

"The best thing about Timebridge is that we're wasting less time with endless emails and back-and-forth conversations," Allen adds. "Timebridge just handles all of that junk and let's us work on what we're here to do."


The WorldVue program offers accepted nonprofits a 100% free technology to source, screen, interview, and on-board their volunteers.

If you're part of a nonprofit organization which could benefit from using the world's leading talent interaction platform, WorldVue wants to help.


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