How TruClinic is using Timebridge to simplify scheduling of demos, sales calls and group meetings with busy healthcare execs.

With Justin Kahn, CEO Founder of TruClinic

Medical professionals and patients are no longer limited to the traditional clinic setting, expanding access to care for everyone and from installing internet in every home on the Goshute Reservation to facilitating interactions between a mother and her newborn child in an ICU, TruClinic makes a point to serve the underserved.
You really don’t think about how saving ten or fifteen minutes every day adds up, but it actually makes quite a bit of difference
— Justin Kahn, CEO of TruClinic


TruClinic provides innovative web-based solutions that enable individual providers, healthcare systems, employers, payors, and channel partners to deliver high quality healthcare, but with endless travel, sales demos, customer training, and support meetings your telemedicine startup calendar can easily become an unmanageable mess. 

TruClinc needed a robust, branded business scheduling tool that worked across the entire team to free up needed man-hours and productivity, and to provide a white glove experience for prospects and clients who needed to schedule time with the team.


TruClinic began using Timebridge to allow prospects to self-schedule sales calls and demos, and then expanded to outbound meeting invites.

“The branding allows us to keep a professional look and feel throughout our communications”, said Justin Kahn, CEO of TruClinic. "It's easy to use and implement, and we can control access simply through managing the teams email access. It's a great, great tool and for a technology startup it really makes sense."


TruClinic been able to see a small but noticeable time savings and productivity increase across the entire team.

"You don't really think about how saving ten or fifteen minutes every day adds up", says Justin "but it actually makes quite a bit of difference. Everyone is tremendously busy and if you can lessen the headache for the people you're trying to schedule with - as well as yourself - well, it's really appreciated. I know that we now have clients who we scheduled with that are now also using Timebridge. That's what success looks like."


TruClinic’s mission is to make telemedicine available to everyone - helping to accomplish the Quadruple Aim. We improve patient experience, promote patient health, reduce the cost of health care for everyone involved, and grow clinician satisfaction in practice.


Salt Lake City, Utah