Chairman of the GRAMMY Foundation, corporate director of 5 companies, co-founder of and presidential appointee to The President's Advisory Committee for the Arts for The Kennedy Center, Rusty Rueff uses Timebridge.

Scheduling for board meetings, speaking engagements, investment pitches, and endless meeting requests around the world, Rusty's calendar borders on insane. Here's how he manages it all with Timebridge.
Timebridge is really a productivity tool that handles scheduling.
I use it every day.


There's not a lot of white space on Rusty's calendar.

The Kennedy Center, GRAMMY foundation, board seats, nonprofits, new meeting requests and a busy philanthropic and personal life make for a scheduling nightmare. With a schedule this full, there's no room to make up for mistakes. A slip-up or missed email can have knock-on effects that last for weeks before a meeting might be rescheduled. 

Typically, Rusty might have an administrative assistant that manages his schedule, endlessly emailing potential meeting times and dates for meetings, but Rusty needs immediate flexibility and his schedule is as much personal as it is business. He wanted a way to manage his complicated schedule himself without needing an admin and, most importantly, without wasting any time.

"I don't have time to check  schedule, email everyone options, and coordinate all of that back and forth for every meeting", says Rusty. "I want a tool that allows me to make the decisions that I want to make, like scheduling related meetings on the same day, and gets rid of everything else. Most of my meetings require some kind of decision about when or how I want them scheduled. It's not something that an admin or someone else could do on their own since I need to be involved."


Rusty uses Timebridge to handle his entire personal schedule directly from Outlook. Whenever he needs to meet for any reason he simply initiates the meeting directly from Outlook, chooses a few available times that fit his calendar, adds the attendees, and clicks send. Timebridge does the rest, inviting everyone, gathering their meeting preferences, and scheduling the meeting and handling the details like including directions and map, adding a conference call, or including a video conference link. Timebridge also takes care of sending reminders and handling changes.

"I've used Timebridge for almost every meeting I've set up in the last few years," Rusty says. "It works exactly the way I want it to, keeping the decisions I want with me and just automating the back-and-fort so I don't have to think about it. I use it of for board meetings, personal meetings, and everything else. I just handle all of that directly from my inbox and let Timebridge take care of it."


Timebridge gives Rusty complete control of his schedule, saves endless back-and-forth, and clears his inbox. Best of all, because creating a meeting takes just seconds, he can initiate a new meeting without switching tasks and nothing slips through the cracks.

"Timebridge is easily the greatest productivity tooI use every day", Rusty says. "It allows me to schedule almost all of my meetings in a few seconds and move on. I get to make the scheduling decisions I want and Timebridge handles everything else in the background automatically. I save at least four or five hours a week. It's great." 

Rusty Rueff

A presidential appointee to The President’s Advisory Committee for the Arts for The Kennedy Center and the Chairman Emeritus of The GRAMMY Foundation in Los Angeles, Rusty is also the former Coordinating National Co-Chair for Technology for Obama and President of the Board of Trustees of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. He is a corporate director of, Runcoach, Workboard and Chairman of the Board of 1-Page (ASX: 1PG). He is the co-founder and Executive Committee Member of and on the Founding Circle of The Centrist Project. He is also the co-author of the book Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business and.

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