Pastoral Counselor

As the Managing Partner of Business Care of America and a pastoral counselor, Rick Wells schedule is filled with a multitude of business and counseling appointments. Here's how he uses Timebridge to manage it all.

Rick Wells, Pastoral Counselor

Crisis and emergency counseling, personal coaching, forums, leadership meetings... Business Care of America is a pastoral counseling service that helps businesses care for its most important asset, its employees.
My ‘no shows’ dropped immediately when I started using Timebridge and I no longer have to “play” phone tag or go back and forth with e-mails to find a time to meet.
— Rick Wells


Counseling can often be a game of finding the right time slot for the client. Coordinating time with multiple individuals from different businesses can be frustrating and a real struggle. Often there is a back and forth that takes time and makes efficiency difficult. Rick needed something that would allow clients to find the best time that works with them, while providing automation to the set up process.


Rick gets requests for appointments through out the day. He uses Timebridge's for its capability to suggest several times to a client. When the client confirms their preferred time the confirmation is automatically added to Rick's calendar and removes the remaining, unused, suggestions. 

With this capability Rick is able to automate his scheduling without the worry of overlapping confirmations. He can provide clients with a worry free process and focus on the emotional care he provides. 


"My 'no shows' dropped immediately when I started using Timebridge", says Rick.  "When the client received the reminder, if they were not able to make an appointment, they could advise through the Timebridge email so we could reschedule. This helps with cash flow, as not rescheduling an appointment in a timely manner would be lost revenue."

Rick Wells

Rick Wells is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor who provides counseling and coaching services in upstate South Carolina.

As a sole practitioner in a private practice providing counseling and coaching services, Rick helps clients heal emotional wounds and teach skill sets to those who are looking to improve their lives.


South Carolina