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Powerhouse youth agent Nicole Jolley uses Timebridge to schedule meetings with clients, studios, and casting directors 70% faster and makes her entire agency more productive.

With Nicole Jolley, Talent Agent

Feature films, television, commercials... you'll see the young actors Nicole Jolley represents working (and stealing scenes) everywhere. As a respected botique agency with hundreds of working actors, casting directors, studios, and parents, Nicole is constantly on the phone and in meetings. Here's how she used Timebridge to make her life simpler and more productive.
It immediately cut out all of that wasted effort and gave my entire team back 30% of their work day. It was crazy. I love it.
— Nicole Jolley, Agent


Talent agents have a lot of meetings, and when you're one of the most successful youth agents in the world representing some of the best young film, television and commercial talent in New York and LA, you have an endless number of meetings. Studios, casting directors, new talent, clients and managers... dealing with a meeting schedule this active and fluid takes a massive amount of time and effort to keep everything straight and on track. Nicole needed a simple solution that could free up the time that she (and her interns) wasted on scheduling and let them focus on their work.

"Setting up a single meeting could take a dozen back-and-forth emails. There were days when all an intern would do is set up and rearrange or reschedule meetings,” Nicole says. "The amount of time and effort we were spending on arranging my schedule was just ludicrous. It was just frustrating. I hated it and my interns probably hated it more." 

"We'd tried a couple of other systems before like Doodle and Calendly but they weren't flexible enough and we ended up doing everything manually most of the time," Nicole continued. "They couldn't initiate meetings or handle the changes that always seem to take place. They solved some things but in most cases they just added more baggage."


After using other solutions, Nicole started using Timebridge to handle inbound meeting requests. She set aside some time each week to take these meetings and used Timebridge Meet With Me to allow clients and new talent inquiries to request or book a meeting on her calendar. Nicole's clients immediately had a favorable response and the need to respond individually to every new inquiry was eliminated since everyone had a self-serve way to get a meeting.

The next step was using Timebridge to schedule outgoing meetings with casting directors and managers who have calendars that are equally complicated. Using TImebridge Nicole now sends out a meeting with 5 possible meeting times and lets the casting director pick whatever time worked best for them.

Additionally, all of the meeting invitations, reminders, and Meet With Me pages are branded with the agency logo as well as Nicole's photo, presenting a professional, friendly image of the agency.


Timebridge immediately allowed Nicole and her team to save 70% of the time they'd previously spent scheduling meetings and resulted in much happier (and more productive) interns. Nicole estimates she saves around 5 hours each week. Best of all, the feedback from both clients and casting directors was incredibly positive.

β€œIt was a huge workload that we just got rid of when started using Timebridge," Nicole says. "It immediately cut out all of that wasted effort and gave my entire team back 30% of their work day. It was crazy. I love it."


Nicole Jolley
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Recognized as a powerehouse agent by Variety, Nicole Jolley represents some of the most fantastic young films, television and commercial actors in LA and New York.


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