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GHS Philanthropy Management uses Timebridge to take the scheduling headaches out of board and committee scheduling with a simple, branded interaction that works across time zones and that everyone loves.

Emily Grand, President of GHS Philanthropy Management

Board meetings, committees, multiple time zones and jam-packed executive schedules... As a full service philanthropy management agency GHS experts have to handle all of a charitable organization's staffing and administrative needs without causing additional headaches or a blizzard of emails. Here's how GHS uses Timebridge to make life easier for everyone.
Timebridge is easy to use, intuitive, and most importantly, it works with a lot of different email programs, calendars and across timezones.
— Emily Grand, President GHS Philanthropy Management
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With committee and board members around the world, GHS Philanthropy Management needed a single, easy to use system to schedule meetings across time zones with different calendars. 

"It was often hard for the clients and employees to find a middle ground technology for mediating coordination and scheduling," says Emily. "Our clients would tells us to use Outlook for scheduling, but then a board member in Romania, who doesn't use Outlook, wouldn't get the message or couldn't put it on his calendar."


"Timebridge has several calendar integrations which make it so that clients don't have to have the same calendar as employees but can work in their own preferred environment," continues Emily. "Auto confirmations then put the time on both users' calendar. Also, Timebridge has the ability to create groups to schedule with multiple people at the same time. It makes coordination as easy as the click of a button and gives you a clear view of attendees and their responses."

"Custom branding and messaging provides a branded experience that also is easy to search when looking for email invites. Timebridge removes the hassle of conflicting schedules and software and adds an experience that fits the quality service we want to deliver."


Timebridge takes care of complicated recurring scheduling that could quickly become a mess, and handles it easily as part of a branded, professional service.

"We love it! It has really simplified our meeting set-up which allows us to focus on the rest of our work," says Emily. 

"We schedule board and committee meetings. We set up groups for each client board or committee and then we can easily schedule a meeting for a group. Any of my staff can log-in to that account and see the status of that meeting or adjust some of the details if they change. Fewer headaches! Saves time and helps us keep better track of who is attending meetings."

Emily Grand

Emily Grand is president of GHS Philanthropy Management.

Emily has over 25 years experience in non-profit and philanthropy management and administration. She has consulted with non-profits on fundraising issues and taught Individual and Non-Profit Management at Montclair State University. She holds a Master’s of Management Degree from Northwestern University‘s Kellogg Graduate School of Management with a concentration in non-profit management and a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University.

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