How CodeEval uses Timebridge to auto-schedule sales calls, trainings and demos for fast-moving technology companies.

Mike Henneman, CodeEval Sales Lead

CodeEval is a platform where more than 70,000 software developers to try new programming languages, test their code, and connect with more than 2,700 technology companies looking to hire or connect with technical talent. CodeEval uses Timebridge to streamline their sales process, shorten followup and engage faster while presenting new leads with a branded and personalized experience.
Timebridge shortens our response time, lets our leads and customers self-schedule, and makes the experience better for everyone.
— Mike Henneman


Technology companies operate on very short timelines with fierce and well funded competition. Sales followup needs to be incredibly fast and flexible for users who are familiar with the latest technologies and understand the term, "user experience". CodeEval needed a way to automate sales scheduling that just got out of the way and allowed flexible self scheduling for many different use cases.


CodeEval uses Timebridge to automatically schedule inbound sales inquires and demos with leads and prospects. Using a shared calendar, CodeEval's sales team can send individual meeting requests as well as allow leads to pick a time from a shared calendar and set up their own demo at a time that works for them, but doesn't conflict with anyone's schedule. All of this takes place in a branded and personalized environment that reinforces the 'brand experience' that CodeEval want's to demonstrate.

"When I'm contacting a lead to set up a meeting they're already seeing how we value their time, and they're being exposed to both our branding and my photo. The experience is very personalized and sets the stage as a company that values your time," says Mike. "It's a great experience that goes a long way to making the first contact an incredibly smooth process."


Timebridge has changed the entire process for lead followup from a manual email-centric flow to one that's handled automatically.

"It's a huge scheduling burden that's just gone," says Mike. "Where I used to have to engage in a complete waste of time just setting up a meeting that worked for everyone, not it just happens automatically and I'm only notified once someone has scheduled a demo or sales call. They can see the available times and they just select one. If they need to cancel or can't make the call, Timebridge handles that too." 


CodeEval is a software callenge platfrom where programmers can test and rank their code, connect with other prgrammers, and get in front of hiring managers at technology companies looking to hire technical talent.


Salt Lake City, Utah