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Allan Young has founded of some of San Francisco's hottest technology incubators, co-founded a startup funded by Y Combinator and led investments in a portfolio that has yielded 4 IPO's and top tier returns. He uses Timebridge.

Allan Young, Iconoclast

Allan is an entrepreneur with experience in technology, venture capital, private equity and asset management.
It just solves the scheduling problems I need solved.
— Allan Young, Iconoclast


Startups work in a world of compressed timelines. Productivity tools are deeply embedded in small teams that understand technology and can't afford to waste any time arranging meetings or using inferior tools. 


Allan uses Timebridge to handle his personal scheduling.

"Scheduling is a constant headache for everyone," says Allan. "Timebridge has a simple UI and just works the way we need it to for meetings I need to set up, and lets me share my calendar and let others schedule directly with me without additional emails."


Allan has fewer scheduling headaches than ever before.

"It just solves the scheduling problems I need solved," says Allan. "The best thing that can be said about any productivity tool is that it just solves your problem and disappears. Timebridge does that." 

Allan Young

Allan Young is currently founder of TopLine, a technology and business incubator in Richmond Marina Bay near UC Berkeley. Previously, he founded Runway, another technology incubator in the heart of San Francisco. Before that he cofounded a company backed by Y Combinator.

Allan has experience as a venture capitalist as part of a small group of students that launched a venture fund managed by undergraduates. That portfolio yielded 4 IPOs and generated to tier returns for investors. Allan is also currently a venture partner with Piedmont Partners Group Ventures, a late stage private equity firm.

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