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The awesome design team at Tea & Muffins provides professional graphic design and advertising services to businesses and marketing departments with turn-around times measured in hours rather than weeks. They use Timebridge.

Shelly Barson, Creative Director - Tea & Muffins Design Agency

Client meetings, creative briefs, copywriters, art directors, marketing leads... design and advertising needs are everywhere. As a fast growing design agency with a constant influx of new work, Tea & Muffins. was in need of a brandable scheduling solution that worked as fast as their clients needs. Here's how Tea & Muffins uses Timebridge.
We work with business owners and marketing departments everywhere. Timebridge works for us.
— Shelly Barson, Creative Director


Tea & Muffins is an on-demand design agency that allows top-end designers to take advantage of the ability to deliver awesome design for clients no matter where they are. Their designers can could let creativity run amok in their PJs, and unleash their considerable design skills with a laptop on their own deck... perhaps even with some tea and a muffin. 

"It was difficult to manage the volume of different meetings we needed," says Shelly. "The constant email back-and-forth of available times was a growing headache and there are inevitably some misses," says Shelly. "It was a real problem for us since we work on tight turnaround times and we focus so much on client needs. A missed meeting or call can really affect a deadline and a relationship."


Tea & Muffins wanted a branded solution that allowed the team to schedule outgoing meetings easily, and to share their calendars and let others self-schedule based on their availability and preferences. Timebridge was the only solution that allowed them to meet both of these needs.. 

"We had a client recommend Timebridge to us," Shelly says. "So we took a look and saw the value immediately. We got rid of the mishmash of (multiple) apps that we were all using individually and switched everyone to Timebridge. It gave us a much more professional feel and it works perfectly for us." 


Timebridge immediately gave Tea & Muffins a more professional way of scheduling, cleared up their scheduling issues, and saved the entire team time.

"It's been wonderful," says Shelly.  "Since we made the switch a few months ago there's been a noticeable time-savings around scheduling for everyone, and our clients love being able to just check a designers availability and get on a schedule at any time. It's done wonders for our business and we've had a number of our clients begin using it which is even nicer since we can now see their schedule and availability.  Awesome stuff guys. Nice job."


Tea & Muffins Design

Tea & Muffins is an on-demand botique advertising and design agency that allows small businesses and marketing departments access to unlimited, hight quality design delivered simply and fast at a price that works.

Every great idea starts with a probleim. Theirs was simple; small business owners don’t have access to high-quality, affordable, and on-demand design that every business and marketing team needs.

It turns out that there’s a pretty simple explanation. High-quality old-school agency work is prohibitively expensive, and affordable "online" design usually means throw-away design-junk from someone you’ll never meet or use again.

Tea & Muffins fixes that problem by allowing you to pay a flat monthly fee, and get unlimited, high-quality design that a business always needs.

Loving these guys is easy. That’s why so many people do.

Tea & Muffins Design


Heber, Utah


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