Trade in your scheduling pea-shooter for a Bazooka.


If you can't decide between an app that lets you schedule your own meetings, or shares your calendar and lets others request meetings with you, get both.

Timbridge Pro gives you the power to arrange your own meetings in a few seconds (even the most complicated ones), and the flexiblity of calender sharing to let others request meetings with you. All in a single app.

And while it's packed with amazing features people love using Timebridge for it's simplicity and ease of use. We know because a quarter of a million of the busiest, and most demanding, people in the world have used it to schedule their most important meetings, and they continue to love it. We know that you'll love it too.



Why you'll love Timebridge Pro.


Arrange any meeting in seconds. Or faster.

Pick a few times that work for you, enter a few emails, choose how you want to meet, and send. That's it. Done.

Timebridge will contact everyone, gather their meeting preferences, pick the best time, send everyone calendar invitations, and even fire off the reminders. In most cases you won't need to do anything else. You'll just see the meeting appear in your calendar once it's set.


Your brand. Front and center.

Emails, calendars, invitations, reminders... Pro accounts allow you to integrate your business brand completely, replacing our logos, tagline and colors with your own. 

You're there, too.

Add your head-shot and it will be included in all of your communications. You've just built an amazingly personalized and professional experience that builds trust and makes you look like a million bucks.


Let others schedule or request meetings
directly from your calendar.

Timebridge "Meet With Me" lets you share your calendar and let others request meetings with you based on your availability, and your preferences. 


Custom Events:
Unrealized until now. indispensable from now on.

Create a new event type, set your preferences, and share your calendar. Voila!


Any meeting you want.

Create any number of customized events - demos, support training, introductions, conferences, video calls, lunches or anything else. Then allow anyone you choose request that meeting directly from your calendar.

  • Sales Reps: Create a "Demo" and share it with your prospects and leads.
  • Educators: Create "Office Hours" and share it with your students.
  • Coaches & Consultants: Create "Appointments" and let your clients book themselves.
  • Photographers: Create "Session" and post it on your website to let clients book a shoot.
  • Accountants: Create "Tax Prep" and let your clients schedule a consultation time with you.
  • Professionals: Create "Lunch" and let colleagues see what times work for you. 
  • Teachers: Create "Parent Teacher Conference" and let parents reserve a time.
  • Medical Clinics: Create "New Patient Consultation" and let patients book themselves.
  • Customer Support: Create "Online Training" and share with your clients.
  • Freelancers: Create "Intro" and let prospects book a time to meet with you.
  • Hiring Managers: Create "Interview" and let candidates find a time that fits their schedule.

Any way you want it.

Add any limits or restrictions you want; days of the week, hours, prep or travel time, duration, extra time, location, conference call numbers, video links... Your meetings will work the way you want them to. 

  • Name: Call your meeting whatever you want.
  • Description: Let people know what this meeting is before they request it.
  • Restrict Meeting Type (optional): Want to ensure you meet at a specific location, through your own video conference link or on a specific phone number? You can lock in the type of meeting you want so that it can't be changed.
  • Calendar Color: Set a specific color for this event in your calendar so you can distinguish it at a glance.
  • Custom URL: /lunch /demo /office-hours... 
  • Duration: Set the length of your meeting.
  • Extra Time: Add extra time before or after the meeting for prep or travel.
  • Max Number Per Day: Pace yourself.
  • Days Of The Week: Want this meeting only on Tuesdays? You can do that.
  • Hours Of The Day: Only allow this meeting between X and Y hours.
  • Advance Scheduling: Ensure that this type of meeting is scheduled at least ___ hours in advance.
  • Manual or Automatic Scheduling: Choose if you'd like to have this Event scheduled automatically when it's requested, or check it out and decide if you want to accept it.