Shiny Object: Timebridge

I was elated to find Timebridge, because it immediately eliminated two of my pet peeves:

  • Dozens of “reply all” messages filling inboxes, causing prospective attendees to not want to attend altogether, and

  • Countless personal preferences outlining individual conflicts, vacations and basketball games and diluting the importance of the meeting.

From a personal get together with friends to a professional meeting, it’s all the same at the end of the day: either you can attend/wish to attend or you cannot attend/do not wish to attend… right?

...So, selfishly I was delighted that a tool existed to cut down on all the back and forth. In my opinion, Timebridge was built brilliantly based on two major factors:

  1. Membership and logging in are not required by meeting invitees.

  2. Responses are streamlined so that the meeting organizer can see quickly and easily the best option for the meeting.

In short: meeting organizer bliss. Their basic pitch (“Always herding cats?”) appealed to me from the outset, and I always felt as though I was doing a small favor to others by using Timebridge and ensuring their inbox would not be filled with everyone’s special requests. Attendees receive a simple email, click the link and click to share availability – less than 30 seconds for both the organizer and the attendee on both ends.