About Us

What is TimeBridge?

TimeBridge is a web application that makes it incredibly easy to schedule and lead great meetings—and follow up after you meet. Think of us as your calendar-wrangling, agenda-making, note-taking, team-motivating, secret weapon in the battle against workplace inefficiency.

Our Mission: Make Meetings Great!

We ensure that your attendees arrive prepared, stay focused, and leave with a common purpose and clear to-dos. We cut out hassles like schedule tag and late attendees, so you can focus on the good stuff: having fun while also getting stuff done, and making your team, company, and career zoom ahead in the process.

Why all the fuss over meetings? Because too many meetings are so-so instead of super!

TimeBridge saw that scheduling could be made so much easier if you had a tool to coordinate everyone’s preferred times. (It shouldn’t feel like a calculus problem to get people together, whether they’re down the hall, across town, or across the globe.)

Now we’ve set our sights on ways to improve web conferencing, agendas, and all the follow-through that great meetings require.

Show Your Meetings Who’s Boss

Meetings are packed with hidden potential. And we’re here to help you set it free! When you're ready to be the CEO of your meetings TimeBridge makes it easy for you to take the lead.