Meet With Me: Choose which calendars block your availability

You can choose which calendars Meet With Me will use to block your availability, and which calendars will be ignored.

For example; you may want to have your personal and work calendars block your availability, but ignore your colleagues shared calendars, birthdays, and other calendars that don't affect your availability. 

How to select Meet With Me calendars for availability.

  1. Go to: Settings > Calendar Settings
  2. Select which calendars you want to use to block your availability for Meet With Me meeting requests. 
  3. Click Save

You can change these settings at any time and they will not affect any previously scheduled meeting.

Upload your photo

Timebridge allows you personalize your account with an image that is included in all of your meeting invitations, reminders, and Meet With Me pages.

How to personalize all of your outgoing emails, notifications, and Meet With Me pages with your photo.

To upload, edit (or delete) your photo:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings
  2. Click on Change Image (A popup modal will open)
  3. Upload your image. (You can also change or delete photos)
  4. Click the Save button.

Uploading your photo or avatar will personalize all of your Timebridge communications.

Note: If you're logging in with Google and you have an image uploaded to your Google + account Timebridge will automatically import that icon for you. 

Enable Meet With Me: Settings

How to get started with Meet With Me:

  1. Select "Meet With Me Settings" from the pull-down admin menu.
  2. Turn on "Meet With Me".

Turning this setting on will allow you to accept new inbound meeting requests. Turning it off will prevent new requests but will not affect any existing requests or meetings.


About Your Settings

Set your Meet With Me preferences to set your personalized URL and restrict when others can request meetings with you. These preferences can be changed at any time and will only affect new meeting requests, not existing meetings or invitations.

Personal URL: You many set and customize a unique URL that you can share with others, giving them the ability to request a meeting with you contingent upon your other settings. This email is public and can be used in your email footer, posted on a web site, or shared as a link.

Accessibility: Allow anyone to request a meeting, or restrict meeting request to those already in your contacts. (Of course you'll have to sync your Outlook or Google Calendar to have access to this option.) If you choose "Only My Contacts" your page will still be available but only people with an email address that is already in your contacts will be able to send you a new meeting request.

Calendars: Choose which calendars should block out times in your calendar. Leaving a calendar unselected will not block out that time. For example; you might want to block out time in your work and personal calendar, but leave holidays and birthdays available for others to request meetings.

Request Times: Allow meeting requests to be set for any time, or restrict them to only the times you have identified as your work hours. (You can edit your work hours under "Calendar Settings".)

Custom Event Types: Set up individual meetings or events with their own preferences.

Create and manage Groups

Groups allow you to easily set up recurring meetings with the same attendees.

How to create a Group in Timebridge:

  1. Select "My Groups" from the top navigation
  2. Click Create New Group button
  3. Enter a Group Name
  4. Enter the email addresses of those you want in the group.
  5. Click Create


How to manage your Groups:

  1. Go to "My Groups" from the top navigation
  2. Select the Group you want to edit or manage

You can manage and edit your groups by selecting a group including; meet now, add new member, schedule a meeting, email specific members or the entire group.

Inviting your Group to meet:

  1. Start typing a Group name in the Add Attendees field where you normally enter emails. Timebridge will recognize when you begin typing a group name and show it at the top of your options.
  2. Click on the group to load all of the Group members as individual attendees.


Reschedule a confirmed meeting

To reschedule a meeting that has already been confirmed:

  1. Go to: My Meetings
  2. Select the meeting you want to reschedule.
  3. Click on the Gear Icon and select Reschedule Meeting

You'll then be taken to your calendar to select some new times for the meeting that work for you. The people you've invited will receive an email that the meeting is being rescheduled will go through the same process of selecting meeting times that work for them.

Note: To reschedule meetings that are not completely confirmed, you'll choose "Propose new meeting times" instead of "Reschedule meeting".

Sync your calendar manually

Once you're calendar is connected to Outlook or your Google Calendar, Timebridge will automatically sync with your calendar every 5 minutes. (So some events may not show up immediately.) However, you can also sync your calendar manually.

To manually sync your Outlook Calendar:

  1. Right click on the Timebridge icon in your menu bar
  2. Click "Sync with Server Now"

To manually sync your Google Calendar:

  1. Login to Timebridge
  2. Go to: Settings > Calendar Settings
  3. Click "Sync with Google Calendar now"

Edit or change a meeting

My Meetings > Select the meeting you want to edit > Click on the Gear Icon for your options

To edit or change any options around a meeting, just click on My Meetings at the top of the page, select the meeting you want to edit or change, and then click on the 'gear' next to the meeting name. 

  1. Go to My Meetings
  2. Select the meeting you want to edit
  3. Click the Gear Icon for a pull down menu with your options

Meeting Time Options

  • Confirm a meeting time
  • Propose new meeting times
  • Cancel meeting

Attendee Options

  • Invite Attendees
  • Remove Attendees
  • Edit attendee responses
  • Email attendees
  • Remind non-responsive attendees

Other Options

  • Send me a status email in 24 hours


Attendees can change their meeting availability responses too.

The people you invite to your meetings can also edit or change their responses

  1. Click on the link in the meeting invitation.
  2. Click on the gear icon and choose "Change my availability".
  3. Make changes and save.

If the meeting is not confirmed, Timebridge will simply adjust to take in this new information before setting the meeting. If the meeting is already confirmed, Timebridge will notify everyone of the new changes and take whatever steps are necessary.

Connect Timebridge to Outlook 365 calendar

Connecting Timebridge to your Outlook 365 Calendar allows the two systems to sync, giving you additional benefits and lets you see all of your existing and pending meetings in either calendar.

To connect and sync your TImebridge account to your Outlook 365 Calendar: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Calendar Settings
  3. Click on Connect to Outlook 365 Calendar
  4. Click Accept to allow TImebridge to access your Outlook 365 Calendar and contacts. 
  5. Enable your Timebridge Calendar inside of Outlook 365.

CRITICAL NOTE: The Timebridge calendar inside of Outlook is not selected by default. You must select it if you want to see your Timebridge events inside of your Outlook 365 Calendar.


Once connected, all of your existing Outlook 365 Calendar events will now show in your Timebridge calendar, making it much easier to select and schedule meeting times.

Note: Timebridge syncs with your Outlook 365 Calendar every few minutes so it can take a little while for events to show up.

Connect Timebridge to my Outlook Calendar

Works for: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

If you're using Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 you can connect your calendar to Timebridge and see all of your existing events when creating new meetings.

To connect and sync your TImebridge account to your Outlook Calendar: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Calendar Settings
  3. Click on Connect to Outlook Calendar 
  4. Click Download Now to download the Outlook Connector. 
  5. Make sure that Outlook is closed.
  6. Double-Click to install the Outlook Connector on your machine.

Once connected all of your existing Outlook Calendar events will now be displayed in your account, making it much easier to select potential meeting times.