Google Calendar vs Timebridge

Feature Comparison

What's the difference between TimeBridge and Google Calendar? While Google Calendar is an appointment setting app designed to allow others to automatically schedule time on your calendar, Timebridge handles both automated inbound scheduling (like Google Calendar) but also outbound meeting requests to provide an entire scheduling solution. Here's a feature-by-feature breakdown of Timebridge and Google Calendar.



Google Calendar


Pricing per month:

Lowest regular price you can pay per month. (Billed annually)



General scheduling and meeting features.

Features and capabilities.


No limits to usage.

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Can sync, read, and write directly to your Outlook or Google Calendar.



Outbound meeting scheduling.

Initiate meeting requests with groups or individuals directy from your calender.


Inbound meeting scheduling.

Let others schedule time on your calendar.

Syncs with your contacts.

Access your contact list to initiate new meetings.

Syncronized Time Zones.

Users and attendees see invitations and meetings in their local time.

Drag & Drop calendar.

Drag and drop caledar interface lets you schedule intuitively.

Individual activity reporting.

Know if and when each attendee responds to your meeting invitation.

Notifications and reminders.

Automated and manual notifications and reminders for meeting participants.

Outbound Scheduling: Invite others to your meetings.

Invite individuals or groups directly from your calendar.

Free phone conferencing.

Automatically include a free conference call number for all attendees.

Free video conferencing.

Automatically generate a free video conference for all attendees.

Integrated Google Maps.

Arrange in-person meetings at a physicial location.

Inbound Scheduling: Let others schedule meetings with you.

Share your calendar so others can request or automatically schedule meetings with you.

Personal, sharable URL.

Unique and personalized URL you can share. (e.g.

Multi-person group events.

Create one event that multiple people can register for.

Redirect after scheduling.

Redirect individuals to a specific URL after registering.

Requester can automatically schedule a time..

Meeting is automatically scheduled upon meeting request.

Requester can suggest multiple meeting times.

Meeting requesters can suggest up to 5 different meeting times for you to choose from.

Accept, decline or propose different meeting times.

You can review meeting requests and take different actions.

Customized replies to individual meeting requests..

Customize meeting request responses or respond individually to requests.



Limit meeting requests to your contacts..

Restrict individual meeting requests to your contact list.


Create, edit and manage groups.

Create and manage groups.

Organize and track people you meet with all the time as groups.

Group messaging and actions.

Send group meessages and meeting invitations.

Teams: View multiple shared calendars.

Share your calendar with others. Let others share their calendars with you.

Shared calendars.

Share and view others availability in your calendar.



Custom Branding + Personalization

Brand and personalize the entire application including emails, notifications, pages and calendars.

Remove "Powered by ... " branding.

Remove the apps branding in emails and notifications.


Brand the app with your own logo, tagline and colors.

Use your own logo, tagline and colors on all communications and pages.

Personalize with your photo or avatar.

Include your headshot in meeting invitataions, communications and meeting request pages.

Support + Training

Personals support, tutorials, taining and help.

Training guides, tutorials, and email support.

Knowledge base, online guides, tutorials, helpdesk and email support.

In-App support and training.

Live onboarding and support inside the application.


Timebridge is free. No credit card ever required.







Disclaimer: This information is provided as is and may not be current or completely accurate, and Google Calendar might not agree with our assessment of their capabilities (or lack thereof). Please check out Google Calendar for yourself before you decide on a scheduling solution. When you do, we're confident you'll choose Timebridge.