Solve the two most annoying things about scheduling meetings.

1) Outbound - Find the best time to meet in seconds without the back-and-forth.

Choose a few times that work for you, add your attendees, choose how you want to meet and click send. That's it. In most cases the next thing you'll see is the meeting confirmed in your calendar.

Timebridge will automatically reach out with branded and personalized invitatations, gather everyone's time preferences, find the best time for everyone and schedule the meeting. We'll even send reminders, provide a free conference call number for your attendees, and handle changes and problems.

2) Inbound - Share your calendar and let others schedule meetings directly.

Allow anyone (or just those you want) to view your availability and request or automatically schedule a meeting through your personal URL while keeping total control of your calendar and schedule.

Sales demos, consultations, appointments, discovery calls, conferences, office-hours, trainings, and anything else that you want to allow others to schedule with you. Timebridge handles all of the back-and-forth automatically for you in personalized, branded, and protected environment.



Total time an average user spends scheduling a new meeting.


Business professionals who have used Timebridge to make their life easier.


Number of emails our users didn't have to send in the last 30 days.

No Spam

Spam is for jerks, and we're not jerks.


Time it will take to set up your account and create your fist meeting.

It's Free

Yep. It's free. You'll never have to pay to use Timebridge.


Why you'll love Timebridge.

Timebridge solves business scheduling with a tool that's immensely powerful; yet so easy to use you almost forget it's there. The more you do with Timebridge, the more you'll wonder how you ever did without it.


Arrange any meeting in seconds.

Pick a few times that work for you, enter a few emails, choose how you want to meet, and send. That's it. Done.

Timebridge will contact everyone, gather their meeting preferences, pick the best time, send everyone calendar invitations, and even fire off the reminders. In most cases you won't need to do anything else. You'll just see the meeting appear in your calendar once it's set.


Let anyone request or schedule meetings directly from your shared calendar.

Timebridge "Meet With Me" lets you share your calendar through a personal URL and let others schedule meetings with you based on your availability, and your preferences. Timebridge gives you complete control to manage your scheduled the way you want.


Business branding, in it's most personal form.

Your photo, your logo, your colors, your tagline... Timebridge delivers a personalized and branded experience that makes every impression awesome.


Your brand. Front and center.

Emails, calendars, invitations, reminders... Timebridge allows you to integrate your own logo, tagline and brand colors, so you get a fully branded product in which everything works together seamlessly. 

You're there, too.

Add your head-shot and you've just built an amazingly personal and professional experience that builds trust and makes you look like a million bucks.

Pro Features.  For FREE.


Timebridge is packed with amazing features and capabilities but its drop-dead simple to use; just ask any of our 250k+ savvy users.


Timebridge puts your business front and center with branded invitations, notifications, and reminders.


Timebridge easily handles changes, rescheduling, cancelations, notifications, reminders, locations, conference calls, video conferencing and everything else.



Timebridge comes with loads of great features, but it doesn't come with limits. Use it as much as you want.

Outlook or Google

Timebridge integrates with your Outlook or Google Calendar.


We take security very seriously. With our tiered security platform you have the peace of mind that all of your information is safe.



Personalize your account and communications with a photo thumbnail puts a face to your interactions.

Cloud Based

Access Timebridge anywhere you have internet service. We're hosted on secure servers with worldwide access.


Time Zone Sync

Quit worrying about time zones and daylight savings. We'll automatically determine and reconcile every attendee's local time zone and make it simple for everyone.


Calendar Sharing

Share a unique URL that allows others to request meetings with you based on your availability and settings. Learn More >

Integrated Google Maps

If you enter a address, we'll automatically find it for you and send it along with your invites so everyone knows where they're going, and how to get there.

Activity Reporting

Know who's responded, and who's lagging. Then take simple actions like emailing only those who haven't responded yet.


Free Phone Conferencing

Choose audio conference and we'll include a phone number that everyone can call in to for free.

Free Video Conferencing

Want to meet via video conference? We'll automatically generate a new link and send it out to all attendees. (Coming Soon)

Custom Links

Have your own meeting room, conference number, or want to include your cell phone? Just add it as a Custom Link.



Timebrige makes sure that everyone's aware of updates or changes.


Timebridge will send reminders based on your preferences so that your attendees won't have any excuses.

Notes + Linked Attachments

Use Timebrige to add notes or comments and attach files using a custom link to link your Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox file.