Timebridge: Scheduling for both Outbound + Inbound Meetings

Most scheduling apps offer either outbound OR inbound meetings. Timebridge does both.

Timebridge is a complete individual scheduling app, handling both of the common meeting needs that you have as a professional; inviting others to a meeting that you set up and control, and allowing others to "self-schedule" on your calendar according to your preferences and availability. We generally refer to these two different meeting flows as "outbound" and "inbound".

  • Outbound: Invite others to your meeting.
  • Inbound: Share your schedule and let others schedule a meeting with you.

Since Timebridge handles both types of meetings it can initially be slightly confusing. If you signed up to share your calendar and let others self-schedule, you might not be using Timebridge to save time on meetings that you organize, and vice versa. Let's touch on both outbound and inbound meetings to clear up some of that confusion.

Outbound Meetings: Inviting others to your meeting.

Outbound meetings are used for most meetings where you have one or more people you need to attend, but they're not the only way you can use Timebridge. Inbound meetings give Timebridge even more ways to save you time.

To Begin:  Click "+ Create Meeting" button at the top of the page, select up to 5 times that work for you, add the people you want to invite, select from a few meeting options (like phone number, Google Hangout, or location), enter a message if you want, and click send.

Timebridge will email all of the people you've invited, allow them to select which times work for them, and set the meeting on everyone's schedule. In most cases the next interaction you'll have is the actual meeting, but you can also take care of needs like rescheduling, reminding non-responsive attendees, or even canceling. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 10.38.08 AM.png

If you've branded your account (Settings > Branding Settings) your recipients will receive a fully branded invitation like one of these.

Outbound meetings are used by busy executives, talent agents, and entrepreneurs to give them control of their time, but sometimes you need a different scheduling tool from the shed.


Inbound Meetings: Share your schedule and let others schedule a meeting with you.

There are times when it makes more sense to just let someone schedule time on your calendar. Timebridge allows you to create an unlimited number of "Custom Events" that you can use over and over – each with their own unique URL, preferences and settings – that let others self-schedule with you while maintaining complete control of your time and schedule.

To Begin: Click "Meet With Me" at the top of the page, enable and click Save. Now you share your entire calendar, but you can also create any number of Custom Events  for recurring meeting types that you want to let others self-schedule with you; demos, office hours, trainings, consultations, calls, etc. Timebridge will let you create any number of these events with unique preferences for each one. Now, when someone want's to schedule lunch or a demo, you can just share that Event's unique URL and let them pick a time.

Many of our users use Meet With Me to manage their calendar more efficiently; professors and teachers manage their office hours with students, sales reps make sure that demos fit a prospects schedule, execs manage teams, counselors set appointments,  and I even use it to schedule lunch with friends. It's a powerful solution that, combined with Outbound Meetings, gives you a one-two scheduling punch that can save you a lot of time and countless back and forth emails.

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