Introducing Meet-With-Me: Accept (or reject) inbound meeting requests from anyone.

We're excited to introduce the first release of Meet With Me — the ability to share your calendar with anyone and accept (or reject) meeting requests (beta).

We've been listening carefully to what our users (and the community at large) want Timebridge to be able to do for them to make finding and creating meetings as effortless as possible. What we've heard is that professionals want the ability to extend their calendar and let others request a meeting first.

That's why we've been quietly working on Meet With Me, a simple and intuitive way to let people request a meeting with you that's already based on your availability and preferences. Much more is coming soon but we wanted to give you a sneak preview and get your early thoughts and feedback.

Meet With Me — Let anyone see your schedule and request a meeting with you.

Meet With Me lets you accept meetings with incredible simplicity by combining our existing scheduling, calendaring, and messaging infrastructure, but reversing part of the process. Now you can just present your calendar with someone and let them request a meeting and suggest times that already work for you.

With Meet With Me, you can easily adjust your settings and preferences to: 

  • Enable anyone to request a meeting, or restrict that to your existing contacts.
  • Accept meeting request any time, or limit that to just your work hours.
  • Turn Meet With Me on and off at any time to allow or restrict new meeting requests.
  • Edit or change your personal Meet With Me URL 

How it works:

Once you enable Meet With Me you'll have a personalized URL that you can share or make public. If someone wants to request a meeting with you — if you've shared that URL with them or put it in your email signature for example — they can access your personal URL where they can see times that aren't already reserved in your calendar. Then, just like you do when you're proposing meeting times, they can select some times that work for them, enter their email and name, and write you a brief message about why they want to meet with you. Once they submit you'll receive a new meeting request that you can accept, decline, or even propose alternate times. Once you accept a Meet With Me request Timebridge will then send out all of the notifications and schedule that meeting on your calendar.

*Of course you have to have your calendar synced with Timebridge for this to happen.

How to get started with Meet With Me:

  1. Login to your Timebridge account.
  2. Select "Meet With Me Settings" from the pull-down admin menu.
  3. Turn on "Meet With Me" and select your meeting preferences.
  4. Share the URL of your Meet With Me page with anyone you wish to be able to request a meeting with you.

Setting your Meet With Me preferences:

Set your Meet With Me preferences to set your personalized URL and restrict when others can request meetings with you. These preferences can be changed at any time and will only affect new meeting requests, not existing meetings or invitations.

Personal URL: You many set and customize a unique URL that you can share with others, giving them the ability to request a meeting with you contingent upon your other settings. This email is public and can be used in your email footer, posted on a web site, or shared as a link.

Accessibility: Allow anyone to request a meeting, or restrict meeting request to those already in your contacts. (Of course you'll have to sync your Outlook or Google Calendar to have access to this option.) If you choose "Only My Contacts" your page will still be available but only people with an email address that is already in your contacts will be able to send you a new meeting request.

Request Times: Allow meeting requests to be set for any time, or restrict them to only the times you have identified as your work hours. (You can edit your work hours under "Calendar Settings".)