The first Timebridge story...

Timebridge has a couple of stories. This one is the first. If you want to read the most current story it's on our About page.

Founded in 2005 in Berkeley, California,  Timebridge was conceived of as a scheduling app designed to make life easier for busy people by bridging the best of the desktop with the rich experience of web services. There was immediate interest and over the course of a few years, Timebridge was able to secure a total of $12.4m and grow the team to 30 people as they started to grow.


  • July, 2005: Raised $1.4m in a series A round from Mayfield Fund .
  • Novermber, 2006: Raised $6m from Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners .
  • May, 2009: Raised $5m in a Series B round from Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners.


  • Named one of PC Worlds "101 Fantastic Freebies".
  • Recognized as one of "2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies" by Lead411.

The influx of capital came with a rising level of expectations and the need to find a business for what had up until that time been a simple scheduling app. To do this, the Timebridge team started expanding the offering and trying to capture and provide value around the actual meeting. Teleconferencing, video conferencing, teams, groups, meeting notes and a whole slew of new features were ported into the app, but it didn't really work. The number of users continued to grow but with all of the extra features, the interface became cluttered with extraneous bells and whistles that users didn't really want. The move from scheduling app to "meeting manager" started to slow growth and the revenue didn't materialize, and when that became clear the founders and investors knew that the writing was on the wall. Timebridge as a stand-alone technology company had failed.

The company needed some type of exit so that the investors could recoup some of their money. Timebridge was sold first to Merchant Circle, and then a year later to Reply. Neither of these companies saw any real value in Timebridge but they wanted to incorporate some of the value inside of their own products. From the time that Timebridge was first sold there was no development, no improvement, and no support at all.

Timebridge was abandoned and left to die.

But Timebridge didn't die. Against all odds the scheduling app continued to solve a very real problem for people. It didn't seem to matter that the UI looked like it was straight out of 1998 or that support emails weren't answered or returned (the support email was turned off and didn't actually go anywhere), Timebridge still had avid users who loved the system and used it every day.

One of those users was Rusty Rueff, and investor in startup companies and a board member at HireVue. Rusty was a long time user of Timebridge and after sending a number of answered emails to support, he decided to investigate and tracked down Reply!, the company who actually owned Timebridge at the time. Surprised that no one was looking after an app that he used every day, he made an offer and purchased Timebridge in late 2014 before striking a deal with HireVue that transferred ownership and oversight to HireVue Labs to refactor the product and see what could be done with it.

That brings us up the the current state; Timebridge is now owned and operated by HireVue Labs who have committed to bringing the app back to life.

More info on this is available on our About page.