What's behind the new, better, faster Timebridge?

We have been listening to our growing user base attentively. Our goal is to help you spend less time planning meetings and more time producing results, and be your trusted personal scheduling assistant. True to this vision, we introduced the new, better, faster TimeBridge on Monday, July 13th, 2009 (Just in time for the Bastille Day!)

We have experienced phenomenal growth over the past eighteen months, and have a growing base of satisfied, engaged, vocal users. Suffice to say, we have been carefully listening to your praise and your suggestions, and to the occasional complaints too. In the new TimeBridge, we have crafted a more pleasant user experience by subtly embedding our exciting features and extras, extending our multi-platform support, and fixing a number of annoying bugs.

The new TimeBridge is the product of months of work by our highly dedicated team addressing literally hundreds of customer requests, suggestions and issues.

See for yourself! Check out the:

Fresh, more intuitive look and feel with everything you want right at your fingertips. We took your advice and performed a “face lift” on TimeBridge, with the intent to create a lighter, more nimble interface. The screens are simpler, less embellished and we got rid of the cartoon characters from most screens.

Streamlined scheduling wizard to enable easier, faster meeting creation. Creating a meeting is now a simple three-step process. First, you decide “Who” to invite. Second, you select a few times “When” you would like to meet. Third, you specify “Where” you would like to hold the meeting, either in person, virtually, or both. That’s all on your end and TimeBridge does the rest! We even set up your free-conference call number and web meeting automatically and let everybody know the details.

More polished overall experience. In the past, we may have been too overzealous in introducing you to all of the cool stuff that TimeBridge can do for you right away. No more. Now, we lay out all of the functionality, contextually, and let you choose what works best for you. We are sure that this will encourage a more satisfying user experience and make you a more successful meeting organizer. After all, it is really all about *you*!

Faster, smoother web conferencing service which now supports both voice and video! Our performance is as good if not better than our much pricier competitors. Attendees can join the meeting with no download required (it is Flash based) and participate in the web meeting, share screens, share documents, and use virtual white boards. Note that while the conferencing service is a paid premium service, scheduling is and will remain free.

Support of multiple Google Calendars, the feature most-often requested by our users. We have completely redesigned our Google integration module, and not only upgraded to multi-calendar support, but also significantly improved performance.

We also improved the Outlook and Apple iCal connectors, making them more reliable.

Take a look! I am sure you will be impressed. If you see something that you like or something that you wish we had, please submit your feedback by clicking the “Feedback” link located at the top of each page. Please keep your comments coming… as you can see we really listen to them!

From all of us on the TimeBridge team, have a wonderful summer and stay posted for future improvements!

Yori, founder and CEO

PS: If you haven’t signed up to TimeBridge yet, why not now?