TimeBridge expands Business Plus for company-wide collaboration

As a small business ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to capitalize on innovative online offerings to solve the issues we run into as we manage the clockwork of our company. Such was our inspiration for the newest expansion of our premium service, TimeBridge Business Plus. We’ve created a premium packages designed specifically for small business teams for working smarter and more economically.

With these packages, TimeBridge offers an automatically generated private virtual conference room for small businesses, allowing them to instantly schedule and connect over phone and web conferencing systems with a single click. By using TimeBridge Business Plus, companies can save nearly 70% over what they may spend on WebEx, Citrix or Adobe. TimeBridge’s robust web conferencing is flash-based for easy screen sharing with no attendee download making live web and desktop demos a smooth experience and video conferencing options ensure interactive and collaborative presentations and brainstorms.

In addition to conferencing services, the package includes our TimeBridge Groups which are just like your own mini-Exchange server in the sky – create groups inside or across companies and calendaring systems, for easy communication, scheduling and running great meetings. 

We've recently notices some interesting use cases where clinics, spas, and even medical spas have been using Timebridge to allow clients and patients to self-schedule followup appointments.

Jettison inefficient meetings, be a meeting hero and fuel your own career while doing it!