The Great Inflection and DIY Productivity

These days, you’re lucky, but often pressed, to cut costs without cutting corners. In a recent New York Times article, Thomas L. Friedman discusses the idea of the Great Inflection, which is playing out in parallel with the Great Recession. The Great Inflection refers to the “low-cost, high-powered” tools, technologies and services that are emerging and inspire greater productivity and innovation.

Our new partner,, was actually mentioned in the article as a tool that one company used to cut their costs and collaborate more productively over work documents. TimeBridge, too, is part of this Great Inflection, stimulating change and adding to a movement that could mean the difference between surviving and thriving for many companies struggling to find areas to improve efficiency and creativity without expanding budgets.

Featured in Tom Friedman’s The World is Flat, Vicki Davis (aka coolcatteacher) founded the Flat Classroom Project to help teachers and students collaborate around the globe using the latest collaborative web tools.  And one of the services she uses is TimeBridge.  How cool is that?

The Great Inflection encompasses a lot of what Web 2.0 has been all about – doing more, better, cheaper – and it is significantly supercharged when services unite their powerful functionality to give users the ultimate tools for increased productivity and efficiency.

Where do you fit into the Great Inflection? Are you a company leveraging the newest applications and services for better efficiency? If not, it’s time to consider some changes in 2010. Either way, we’re happy to be along with you for the ride.