Stand Up for More Efficient Meetings! Join the 45-Minute Meeting Movement!

What if you could shave 15 minutes off of every hour-long meeting in your day, what would you do with all the extra time? What if there was a list of rules to which all attendees adhered and meetings actually ended on time?! We’re betting you’d finish a lot more work, get a lot more decisions made and perhaps get out of work on time.

Today we’re announcing a movement to help you and your teams champion shorter, more efficient meetings. We wanted to get behind the spirit of this movement and make it so inherent in our service that we’ve made our TimeBridge default meeting times to 45 minutes.

Meeting and productivity expert, Mike Song, says that 43% of meeting time is wasted. How would you like to get that back? Join this movement! Make your next meeting 45-minutes instead of an hour. Go to to see our initial list of 45 Minute Meeting rules. If you have other tips on how to make meetings more efficient we’d love to hear about them on Twitter or on this post! The best tips will receive a free copy of “The Hamster Revolution for Meetings: How to Meet Less and Get More Done” by Mike Song.