Real Estate Pros: Tune In and Get More Productive

This Saturday I will be taking part in an online event called the National Real Estate Cyber Convention & Expo. Despite its title, this web-only event (taking place all week), and my session specifically, should be interesting to anyone associated with the real estate industry, and even those who aren’t. My session, “Thinking Outside the Inbox,” will be conducted with Bay Area realtor Maureen Kennedy and focus on how real state pros can use the web to be more productive and just work smarter.

Here is our official session description:

As the world moves increasingly online, how can the real-estate industry bring its inherently very physical market to the web – and vice versa. While wikis, social networking profiles and other Web tools are increasingly reliable and relevant to the business day-to-day, email remains the go-to “killer app” for management of business needs, customer interactions and work-flow management. The problem is that email isn’t always a great way to connect, coordinate and get things done–especially for real estate professionals. In this session, panelists Yori Nelken (CEO of TimeBridge) and Bay Area realtor, Maureen Kennedy, will discuss how to leverage the best suite of productivity web tools to replace email as a principle vehicle for productivity, and bringing your specific business online.

Again, I think everyone will find the short presentation educational and informative, even those not in real estate. One of our main goals at TimeBridge is to identify and simply describe ways in which you can use some today’s best tools and technologies to improve your own personal and business productivity.

Tune in and then let me know what you think.Real Estate Pros: Tune In and Get More Productive