Hey Mac users: Come and get it!

With well over 300,000 users, we know many of you are happy Mac users, like me.  So ensuring that you can successfully use TimeBridge with your Apple iCal calendaring system is a high priority for us.

So if you are a Mac user, we’ve got some great news for you!  Our Mac Connector is now ready for public beta.  We debuted Apple iCal integration when we announced the private beta a few months ago.   Like the Outlook and Google Calendar integration that preceded it,   Mac users can fully integrate their Apple iCal calendars with TimeBridge. By connecting TimeBridge to iCal, Mac users can take advantage of all of the features of the Personal Scheduling Assistant.  Claim your very own Personal Availability Link to let people know when you are available to meet.  Create a TimeBridge Group to make it easier get your project team or your rock band together.  Host a phone or web conference with a single button click.   It’s all good and it’s all ready for you to check out now.