Help when you need it with Live Support

If you ever encounter a problem or question while using TimeBridge, we want to know about it right away and guide you through. This is why we monitor Twitter, blog posts and keep an eye on our own servers to make sure everything is running A-OK.

This is also why TimeBridge Plus now offers “Live Support” – a chat feature that connects users with a virtual help-desk to trouble-shoot and walk-through any issues you might be experiencing. The Live Support option is found in the upper right-hand corner of your browser screen within your TimeBridge page. Upon clicking the Live Support option, a window will pop up, initiating the chat session. From there just ask questions and we’ll work to resolve your issue quickly.

Further emphasizing our commitment to customer care we’ve also just promoted our own Tomer Ben-Dor to Vice President of Customer Service and Quality Assurance. And why do we do all of this when so many offer you just “sink of swim” frequently asked questions and static support? We do it because its important, and a critical part of making your meetings better.

So feel free to send us your questions, we’re listening – live!