First-ever for Google Wave: In Wave Scheduling, Socializing Availability and Your Online Calendar

With our Google Gadget, Google Calendar connector and launch-day presence in the Google Apps Marketplace, we know it’s pretty obvious that we’re big Google fans here at TimeBridge. Today we’re in  the Developer Sandbox at Google I/O and with it we've announced the upcoming availability of – count ‘em – two Google Wave Gadgets, the TimeBridge Conferencing Gadget and the TimeBridge Scheduling Gadget. This Gadget combo brings TimeBridge’s popular meeting tools right into Google Wave, and is the first-ever opportunity for users to socialize their availability right into the Wave and more effectively collaborate within their Wave workspace.

With the Scheduling Gadget for Google Wave, teams can:

  • Share availability from each participant’s Google Calendar, Apple iCal, or Outlook calendar, within Wave,
  • View the details of personal calendars in Wave,
  • Propose up to five meeting times,
  • Vote and see each Wave participants’ responses in real-time,
  • Confirm a meeting time and notify attendees within the Wave.

Not to be outdone, the TimeBridge Conferencing Gadget lets teams jump on free dedicated conference lines and Web conference URLs for immediate discussion around projects. We’ve got great conferencing offerings and the gadget seamlessly drives teams from independent and asynchronous tasks to the the more collaborative stages of team projects which is so natural to the Google Wave environment.

We’re very excited about being included in Google’s Developer Sandbox!  The Conferencing Gadget is ready to go so check it out now in the Gadget Gallery in Wave. And Wave is now completely open as Google announced today.  Our Scheduling Gadget has yet to be released into the wild.   If you’re interested in participating in the private beta to that let us know in the comments below.