About Timebridge

Timebridge is part of AnyMeeting, the easy, reliable and affordable online meeting solution. We're working to make it easier to get people together.



AnyMeeting acquires Timebridge to continue our mission of simplifying online meetings.


Percentage of companies in the Fortune 100 with Timebridge users.


Timebridge has facilitated millions of interactions and meetings, and we're just getting started.


Timebridge was restarted with a lofty objective:
to make scheduling meetings easy.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: scheduling a meeting just takes too much time.

So we fixed that.

By circumventing the traditional calendar and back-and-forth email system, designing software that easily handles both outbound meeting and inbound meeting requests, and engaging our users to focus on their needs and use cases, we're able to provide a battle-tested scheduling platform that works for individuals and businesses.

We believe that repetitive chores like finding a meeting time that works should be solved by technology, not wasting your time. It should be done in seconds and only intrude on your time if there's a decision that you want to make.

We also believe that saving you time and making you more productive is a good thing.

There's nothing complicated about it. We've built a scheduling application that makes scheduling meetings easy.

About Timebridge

More than 250,000 people and businesses around the world use Timebridge.

Our features and integrations allow you to arrange and schedule the most complicated meetings in a single step, without "reply all" email threads and wasted time. You just select some times that work for you, invite who you want to attend, and click "send". Timebridge does everything else. It feels like magic.

But we're just getting started.




Because we love building useful (and beautiful) technology that people want to use.

We're a startup-team that cares about building technology that solves real problems makes a difference for people. We're really good at it, which is why over the last decade we've been fortunate to earn the trust of some of the world's largest - and smallest - forward leaning companies.



Because we're all about solving mission-critical interactions between people.

The middle is the average. The edges are where everything interesting happens, and that's where we work. We want to solve the biggest, hairiest problems we can find around facilitating mission-critical interactions between people.

We love the fact that we're building something that increases productivity across the board. If we could build a longer day we’d do that (not actually possible). Instead, we've taken on the task of building something that removes all of the wasted time around arranging meetings and saves millions of hours of our users time each year. We think that that's pretty damn cool.



Because we're Timebridge power users too.

Before we decided to buy and fix up Timebridge we were all users who understood the need for a simple app that could spare us from the dreaded "reply all" meeting email threads. We decided that we'd rather take over Timebridge that see it mothballed.



Dancing Tech Lead A former modern dance prodigy, we typically see Anastasiia dancing to the latest jams while coding Timebridge features. Before joining Timebridge as our technical lead, she danced with monkeys in Thailand, got her masters degree in software engineering, and kissed an elephant (not in that order). She's fond of a good quest.
Roll Eating Developer The only team member to be robbed on a train at gunpoint by a cowboy in Utah, Yuriy builds our newest whiz-bang Timebridge features. When he's not eating rolls (he really loves rolls) or learning new technologies, he's trying to figure out how to manage his key ring alarm despite having a Masters Degree in mathamatics and Informatics.
Code Puncher A non-conformist by nature, Alex has a master's degree in public administration as well as a gold-star-sticker for his coding skills. When he's not integrating Timebridge with everyone's calendars he's skating with his kids, going to cosplay conventions as steampunk Chewbacca, working on his Muay Thai skills with his wife and staying on her good side.
Dev Ops Marvel With a degree in Information Security Managment Taras is our resident up-time-mechanic and database magician, making sure that Timebridge is never down and that our response times are lightning fast. If he's not working you'll find him cycling, playing Steam, and reading. He hopes one day to become a superhero since he thinks he looks fantastic in a cape and tights.
Designer-Chemist After studying chemestry in school Galyna's become something of a Jill of All Trades as she works on making Timebridge easiery and more intuitive to use. If she's not working on designing better scheduling interactions you'll find her working on different ways to experience weightlessness. (There's future Zero G flight with her name on it.)
Team Wrangler In the last year Marianna's been beaten by a pony, kicked by an ostrich, and had a pigeon stuck in her hair, all good training for her day job; making sure the team operates as smoothly as possible. Organizational and operational master by day, ant farmer and venus flytrap fly-catching fanatic by night, Marianna spends her time skydiving, gaming, and pretending to understand the mysterious ways of nature.
Code Pusher A deep thinker, paper cut survivor and leprachaun enthusiast, Nick's joined the team as developer, bug-smasher, and part-time 007. He's happiest coding to music (Spanish flamenco, Dutch polkas, and reggae), eating pudding in his pajamas, and is a semi-harsh critic of people who use ellipses... Sadly, it looks like he won't be a Ghostbuster.
QA Archeologist Using her varied background in math, logic, and economic cybernetics combined with her love of detective stories, Ivanna uses her unique skills to track down software bugs whereever they hide. When she's not eliminating problems for Timebride you find her with friends eating sushi or pizza and planning her next trip. Next stop Iceland.
Code Breaker A renaissance man with a background in economics, Max's history includes stints teaching university courses and as a brand manager before moving into IT as a QA engineer. Outside of the office you'll find Max reading meaningful books, traveling, and practicing stress-reduction and self-awareness through meditation.
Smiling UI + Design Julia is a smiling, print-making and Salo-loving designer who's responsible for our bright and shiny front end. When she isn't designing gob-smacking interface goodness for our users she's mothering the team, making friends out of strangers, exploring, and taking advantage of her extrordinary ability to sleep literally anywhere.
Bio-Dev Olesia's wanted to be a biologist forever. She's taught high school biology, researched cancer, worked in a lab, and written a number of Wikipedia articles on some unremarkable proteins before finding her calling as a programmer. In her spare time she's watching David Attenborough documentaries with her cat, listening to science podcasts (or making her own), hiking, and growing pea plants on a windowsill.
QA Lead Bug Finder Alina leads the QA team and is responsible for keeping a lid on bugs. On the shy side, Alina usually shows up for virtual teem meetings as a coquettish flower-peeker. An aficionado of sushi and urban poetry, she regularly seeks to combine the two.

Just to be clear - I think the whole world should use Timebridge.
— Gil Dibner, Partner DFJ Esprit in London