About Timebridge

Timebridge is part of AnyMeeting, the easy, reliable and affordable online meeting solution. We're working to make it easier to get people together.



AnyMeeting acquires Timebridge to continue our mission of simplifying online meetings.


Percentage of companies in the Fortune 100 with Timebridge users.


Timebridge has facilitated millions of interactions and meetings, and we're just getting started.


Timebridge was restarted with a lofty objective:
to make scheduling meetings easy.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: scheduling a meeting just takes too much time.

So we fixed that.

By circumventing the traditional calendar and back-and-forth email system, designing software that easily handles both outbound meeting and inbound meeting requests, and engaging our users to focus on their needs and use cases, we're able to provide a battle-tested scheduling platform that works for individuals and businesses.

We believe that repetitive chores like finding a meeting time that works should be solved by technology, not wasting your time. It should be done in seconds and only intrude on your time if there's a decision that you want to make.

We also believe that saving you time and making you more productive is a good thing.

There's nothing complicated about it. We've built a scheduling application that makes scheduling meetings easy.

About Timebridge

More than 250,000 people and businesses around the world use Timebridge.

Our features and integrations allow you to arrange and schedule the most complicated meetings in a single step, without "reply all" email threads and wasted time. You just select some times that work for you, invite who you want to attend, and click "send". Timebridge does everything else. It feels like magic.

But we're just getting started.




Because we love building useful (and beautiful) technology that people want to use.

We're a startup-team that cares about building technology that solves real problems makes a difference for people. We're really good at it, which is why over the last decade we've been fortunate to earn the trust of some of the world's largest - and smallest - forward leaning companies.



Because we're all about solving mission-critical interactions between people.

The middle is the average. The edges are where everything interesting happens, and that's where we work. We want to solve the biggest, hairiest problems we can find around facilitating mission-critical interactions between people.

We love the fact that we're building something that increases productivity across the board. If we could build a longer day we’d do that (not actually possible). Instead, we've taken on the task of building something that removes all of the wasted time around arranging meetings and saves millions of hours of our users time each year. We think that that's pretty damn cool.



Because we're Timebridge power users too.

Before we decided to buy and fix up Timebridge we were all users who understood the need for a simple app that could spare us from the dreaded "reply all" meeting email threads. We decided that we'd rather take over Timebridge that see it mothballed.

Just to be clear - I think the whole world should use Timebridge.
— Gil Dibner, Partner DFJ Esprit in London